Travel Trailers  |  Learn More

A travel trailer is a common RV Type.

A travel trailer is a type of RV that is towed with a hitch.

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5th Wheels  |  Learn More

RV types include 5th Wheels, like this Silverback from Cedar Creek.

5th Wheels use a coupling installed in the bed of a pickup truck to tow the RV.

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Toy Haulers  |  Learn More

This Vengeance is part of a common RV Type called toy haulers.

A type of RV with a large back door used as a ramp to load.

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Destination  |  Learn More

Cedar Creek RVs are included in the destination or luxury RV Type.

Type of RV also called park; is often used as a cabin with lots of features.

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Lightweight  |  Learn More

Lightweight RV Types include small RVs like the Vibe Extreme.

Lighter in weight than standard RVs.

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Expandables  |  Learn More

A SolAire is an expandable camper that is casually classified as an expandable RV Type.

A type of hybrid RV that collapses and expands.

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Mini Trailers  |  Learn More

PaloMinis are sometimes identified as RV Types called Mini Travel Trailers.

Mini RVs are smaller versions of standard RVs.

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