“I’m bored” can be the two most frustrating words – either to hear them or to think them! But when you’re on a camping trip, you’re likely away from your typical forms of entertainment. That’s no excuse to be bored, though. All you need is the right RV camping games and travel games to fill the downtime between activities.

If you want to avoid those two words on your next camping trip, here are some games you can bring or play anywhere to keep everyone engaged for the whole vacation!

Owning an RV opens a whole new world of freedom and adventure for you and your family. But like anything, there are some costs involved! Fortunately, good budget planning means when it comes time to hit the road, you can focus on fun and relaxation. But what are the common RV expenses to budget for?

Read on to learn more about common RV expenses and tips to make budgeting your next RV trip easier!

Owning an RV means bringing the comforts of home with you anywhere you go. But like your home, RV appliances such as your fridge and air conditioner all need maintenance to stay in peak condition. Fortunately, many of the basic maintenance steps you can take are easy for anyone – even if you don’t have much DIY experience!

Read on to learn maintenance tips for the appliances in your RV so you can enjoy years of comfort on the road and at the campsite!