All About Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are commonly referred to as campers, camper trailer, or caravan. Travel trailers are towed behind a truck by a hitch, which makes them very mobile. That means they can be removed from your towing vehicle and kept at your campsite while you explore. Motorhomes or destination RVs don’t always offer the same level of mobility as a travel trailer.

One of the best things about travel trailers is comfort – it’s like a home on wheels. Travel trailers are popular with families of all sizes because they're so versatile and offer a range of floor plans. No matter what your favorite type of vacation or trip - family vacations, honeymoons, month-long adventures, or even full timing – a travel trailer fits the bill!

There are many different manufactures, makes, and models of travel trailers. Some of our most popular travel trailers include the Cherokee, Vibe, and Wolf Pup. Browse travel trailers to see the makes and models we carry.

Inside Travel Trailers

You’ll find many of these features inside travel trailers.

  • A variety of creative floor plans
  • Convenient appliances (LCD TVs, refrigerators, microwave ovens)
  • Spacious bath and shower units
  • Comfy king and queen beds with residential mattresses
  • Functional, convertible furniture
Browse Travel Trailers
To learn more about travel trailers, view the spacious interior of a Keystone Bullet

Cherokee V-nose travel trailers provide plenty of natural light and counter space in an affordable package.

Resources & Downloads

Learn More About Travel Trailers

Thinking about travel trailers, but not sure which make and floor plan you’re interested in? Not to worry! We have lots of great resources to help you learn all about travel trailers. Check out the helpful articles below to get more information about the types, sizes, and varieties of travel trailers. If you’d like to see the makes and models we carry, you may want to browse travel trailers instead.

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Start Your Adventure

Kid-Friendly, Value-Packed Travel Trailers

Have you heard about travel trailers? According to Keystone, they’re “extremely affordable and offer flexible towability for a weekend getaway or traveling the country.” You can find a number of floor plans to accommodate a two-person group or even the largest family.

Browse travel trailers at your convenience or visit our dealership to see your favorite models in person.