What is a Destination RV?

It's in the name - a destination or luxury RV is top of the line. Destination RVs encompass the best of RV travel: comfort, safety, and convenience. These high-end RVs are best suited for the experienced RVer: the all-seasons adventurer who wants the best from life.

No matter how you define "luxury," these RVs deliver.

Inside a Destination RV

  • Creative Floor Plans
  • Appliances (LCD TVs, refrigerators, microwave ovens)
  • Bath/Shower Units
  • Spacious King & Queen Beds
  • Functional, Convertible Furniture
  • Enhanced Appearance Packages
  • Residential Mattresses
  • Financing
  • Route 66 warranty plans

Destination/Luxury RV Resources & Downloads

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Start Your Adventure

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