Think Small, But Find Big Adventure in Our Best Small RV Campers

Exterior photo of small toy hauler RV travel trailerMore isn’t always better – even when it comes to RV space.

There is a growing trend that embraces the simplicity of small-scale living. It makes you focus on what’s most important to you, weeding out what don’t need, love, or use very often. If you apply that small-scale way of life to your camper and your camping gear, you may find that your camping style is better suited to a small RV.

Small RVs offer big fun. In fact, you’ll be able to discover and enjoy beautiful, off-the-beaten-path destinations in a small RV that would never be accessible to a larger one. They’re easier to tow (some small pop-up campers can even be towed by a car) so you won’t need to invest in a heavy-duty towing vehicle.They’re easier to store off-season than large RVs – depending on your neighborhood restrictions, you may be able to keep them in your backyard or driveway in the off season instead of a storage facility. Plus, whether they’re motorized or towable, they’re much more fuel efficient than their larger counterparts. All this adds up to having more money in your pocket – money that you can spend on more camping adventures.

If you’re thinking about joining the small-RV lifestyle, we’ve got a few favorites that you should consider:

The Cherokee Wolf Pup Travel TrailerSmall enough to be pulled by most minivans and small SUVs, this travel trailer is definitely not small on amenities. It features a full length awning, 6-gallon water heater, 3.3 cu ft. bar and grill refrigerator, microwave, foot flush toilet, high-rise faucet, high-output cooktop, and oversized dinette with removable table.

The Palomino SolAire Expandable HybridThis versatile small hybrid RV expands to accommodate large beds at both ends for maximum sleeping space. Plus, it even has a sleeper sofa in the interior! Other features include a power awning, 4 stabilizer jacks, 6-gallon water heater, tub surround with skylight, LED interior lights, microwave, oven with range hood, water purifier, and an exterior propane tank with quick connect.

Coachmen FreelanderLooking for asmall Class C RV that makes the most out every available inch? Look no further than the Coachmen Freelander! A bunk with a swing-arm TV, a double-sized bed, tons of available overhead storage, a residential-sized microwave, and an ample-sized shower with a skylight are just a few of the amenities that make this RV seem like a big camper in a small RV footprint.

Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

Before you buy, get comfortable – really comfortable – with the small RV that’s caught your eye. Sit in it for at least an hour, going through every cabinet, drawer, and nook and cranny. Bring your laptop and settle in for some work (or internet surfing). Go through the motions of cooking, eating, sleeping, showering, hanging up your clothes – everything you’d do on a typical camping expedition. If the RV is parked outside, have the salesperson crank up the generator or plug it into a power source so you can see how well it heats up or cools down. Take your time when deciding and you should be satisfied with your small RV for years to come!

Smiling family in the doorway of a small RV.

Before You Head Out for Adventure

Maximizing the storage room in your small RV is key to being a happy camper. We’ve got a few packing tips to help youget started:

  • Keep frequently used items front and center.
  • Pick a few “mud” areas for stowing dirty or wet gear or clothing.
  • Stow anything liquid, fragile, or top-heavy in a separate container.
  • Keep a few of those reusable cloth grocery bags on hand. They make excellent totes.
  • Have a ready supply of assorted plastic storage bags, which you’ll use for just about everything.
  • Unpack foods, especially dry items in bulky boxes, and repack them in resealable plastic storage bags.
  • Over-the-door hooks are invaluable for hanging clothing, towels, bags, you name it. Keep several on hand.
  • You can find excellent tips organizing your camping gear (and great camping hacks) on Pinterest.

Get the facts on Small RV living!

Download the infographic: 10 Fast Facts for Small RVs

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