Considering an RV and wondering whether a lightweight mini is for you? Look no further than the PaloMini RV! Whether you are a solo adventurer, a couple of weekend warriors, or a small family looking for an affordable way to enjoy nature, this mini RV packs the punch you need to live life on the edge or simply relax around the campfire.

Mini RVs have plenty to offer in the way of convenience. They are less expensive to own and to tow, especially with the way gas prices fluctuate! The “smaller stature” of a mini RV also presents you with less difficulty when it comes time to storing it for the winter.

Taking to the open road with your family and your RV, it doesn’t get much better!  Traveling with your family on an RV vacation is both affordable and fun. It allows more family time as you make the trek to your destination and lets you feel at home no matter how far away you travel.

Side trips or unplanned stopovers are a cinch when you have your kitchen, bed, and more with you no matter where you go! Even if you aren’t the spontaneous type, traveling with your portable version of home makes it more relaxing and enjoyable to return to after a day of hiking, swimming, shopping or exploring.

Tightwad, penny pincher, miser…the world has plenty of names for someone who looks for ways to save money. But just because you aren’t a spendthrift or squanderer doesn’t mean you’re a Scrooge. Being frugal means you are spending wisely and looking for the most economical options. Frugal RV travel is just that – being economical about your RV traveling.

When it comes to traveling, spending time on the road doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether you are planning a summer vacation or looking for ways to enjoy retirement, there are some things you can do to reduce your expenses – or even make money – while RVing.